High Point State Park. NJ

It is Wednesday morning, the 6th of September and I am at the High Point SP headquarters building waiting for the rain to stop or at least slow some before hitting the trail. I am clean wearing clean gear. I spent the night at a hostel. Pack is heavy with food, well heavy with the stuff we eat out here at home we would not call it food. I haven’t posted because of battery or time or bad service. Might wait till I get home or might not even happen.






Day Six. 8-31-17

Did not sleep well last night at all, so by 2-3 o’clock I was tired and cranky. Even with it being a short day 6.4 miles. We hiked an addition 4 miles through the zoo and up to “Anthony’s Nose”. No idea who Anthony is BUT what a view of the Hudson River and Bear Mtn Bridge. We crossed the bridge and because of a chin strap I still have my hat. Kind of felt like the “Flying Nun”. Anyone remember that show??
The AT in Fort Montgomery, NY goes right through the Trailside Museum and Zoo. We felt like tourist with large backpacks.
This short day gives me 52.6 miles on this section to add to my 950 miles. So I have hiked over ONE THOUSAND MILES ON THE AT.





Day Five. 8-30-17

Slept really well last night and enjoyed my walk in the woods. 6.5 miles today (short day) to the Graymoor Spiritual Life Center. Free camping, water, electric outlet and shower. COLD WATER only, quite refreshing. Did you hear my scream??
Sketcher and I are hiking at our own pace and meeting up at intervals, I’m liking this change. It is hard to hike with someone when your paces are different.



Day Four. 8-29-17

More walking in the woods. This is the easiest section of the AT that I have hiked. Well so far. We hiked 10.8 miles. Water is hard to find most of the streams are dry. I walked to the State Park concession stand to get water today. Sketcher was surprised when I got back with 2 cheese burgers. We are hiking a section where it is 32 miles between shelters and no tent sites listed. We did find a stealth site a little Rocky but it worked.




Day Three. 8-28-17

10.3 mile day today
Mostly a walk in the woods, nothing really hard. I saw 3 deer and was attacked by a full sized poodle. Luckily the poodles owner was able to control the dog before any permanent damage was done. Stopped at the RPH Shelter at 9 miles, considered staying. You can get Pizza delivered to the shelter. Moved on to Shenandoah tenting area. Had green oat meal in the morning



Day Two. 8_27-17

I am surprised we ate oat meal for breakfast not deli but our packs are heavy with food. Not good deli food but trail food. The hike started with a long boardwalk. Then it went up nothing horrible but we are just getting used to this much exercise. We passed by the largest oak tree on the Trail, estimated at over 300 yrs.
Sketcher had a tough hike today, this is his first long back-pack and he’s hurting a little. We hiked 10.5 miles to the Morgan Stewart Shelter. Snickers and Rusty are here also. Not a lot of hikers but some.
Met up with Shaggy, he and I hiked together in 2014 for quite a stretch, I knew he was doing a nobo hike from PA to MA and thought we would cross.




Day one. 8/26/2017

20170827-054837.jpgSketcher,formerly Hiker Steve, and I were dropped off at rt 55 out of Gaylordsville CT just before noon today to start our AT section hike sobo. If you want to try this, DO NOT TAKE RT 44 through East Hartford CT. Thank you son Ed for driving us, sorry for the route. We hiked 7.5 miles to rt 22 NY and are camping at Tonys Deli, not cooking supper tonight.
For a couple of senior citizens we did pretty good. Hiking day two, our bodies will let us know how we did. There is a train stop on the trail here that will get you to NY City. We actually met a young couple that had just got off the train from the big apple and were out for the weekend to hike on the AT. I did ask him about the hatchet that was attached to his pack. Too heavy for hiking.
Miss you Lil, miss you Wrigley.


20170827-060757.jpgWalked through a cow pasture and by a wooden water tower.