Day 8, 2018

Tired of typing on this little keyboard.
So. Pictures. Clarendon Gorge suspension bridge and Rutland VT airport. I have a 2000 foot climb up Killington first thing tomorrow. Will be at 3928 feet.








Day 7, 2018

Sunny day, nice hemlock forest with sunlight shining through. Went by two hiker rock gardens. Hikers build these , I don’t know why.
The mud is a little less today, but I took a bad spill coming down some muddy wet rocks. The Green Monster, my pack, saved me I landed on my back. I felt like an overturned turtle trying to get up.
My hips have been sore since day one. I think it’s the waistbands so I’m trying different combinations. This is the best one, undies pulled up till I can sing soprano and my pants low like a teenager or plumber. I am a fashion statement and I SMELL.
Asked the caretaker at the Little Rock Pond shelter if I could take a dip. He said yes. Asked if I needed a suit, he said NO this is Vermont. The water was refreshing and I dried in the sun. Back hiking and I’m all sweaty again.
I’m stealth camping at. Bear Mtn nobody here just me. 13 miles today.






Did my own artwork.

Day 6, 2018

The hotel lost power early in the morning so no continental breakfast. But I got an early start. The sun came out today and I hiked 14.8 miles. I’m beat. I’m at Lost Pond shelter with Quiet Storm, tenting for the first time this trip. Climbed Mt Bromley, a ski Mtn will repost the picture I put on day 4 oops.





Day 5, 2018

Started hiking in the rain walked by Stratton Pond could only see about ten ft then fog. Hiked better today lunch at Prospect Rock nice view it had stopped raining. My phone has stopped working and it is more than the battery. Hiked 10.7 miles to VT 11+30 the road to Manchester hitched a ride into town. A nice couple from Michigan in the trailhead parking lot used their phone to find me a Verizon store, Manchester doesn’t have one. I’m at the Econolodge I’m clean I did a hikers laundry and I’ve been to the store for resupply. Five days worth.
Oh I charged my phone after rebooting it in the woods and it came back to life. Maybe it doesn’t like the pocket I have it in.



Day 4, 2018

Up and over Stratton Mtn, muddy trail a little rain, overcast. No view from the fire tower. 10.4 miles today I’m at the Stratton Pond shelter. Going into Manchester VT tomorrow and I think I’ll go home. Not having a good time. Legs, hips, feet are not happy. My body might be better off if I quit backpacking the trail and I’ve only gone 29 miles.





Day 3, 2018

September 10th.
I zeroed today at the Story Spring shelter.
The tired body the predicted rain and the climb up Stratton Mtn on a wet trail, I’m taking a day off. It didn’t start raining until 11:00 am and it was lite. But it rained harder and all night. I made the right decision.
The shelter holds 8, we had 8 hikers and one 2 year old Lab, it worked.



Day 2, 2018

September 9th.
Didn’t sleep well last night in the shelter, it got a little cool 40 degrees. Sleeping bag with custom liner, thanks Lil, was nice and toasty. But I still didn’t sleep well.
It was 40 degrees when I started hiking with a lite jacket, gloves and a skull cap. Once I got warm I took them off but every time I stopped for a break I had to put them back on. Stopped at a shelter 4 miles down the trail for lunch and some minor surgery. The wind at the shelter made it too cold to linger long. The minor surgery was for a painful corn on my right foot. Got so bad I had to do something. I shaved off some of the corn with my trusty jackknife. Then I tried to cut off a lump in my boot. Could not get the knife in there right to make it work. Then I realized there is an inner sole so I pulled that out and cut a hole where my corn is. A little moleskin on my foot and l’m good to go. I know it’s there but I can hike.
I’m at the Story Spring shelter, 8.9 miles hiking, not difficult but I am BEAT. I want to put a sign on my bathroom mirror that says ” REMEMBER THE FIRST FEW DAYS ARE BRUTAL. YOU ARE NOT YOUNG ANYMORE “.
I’m a little disheartened and rain is forecast for tomorrow. I have a 1700 foot climb up Stratton Mtn and then back down. Won’t be fun in the rain and the slick mud. Hikers call Vermont, Vermud.