Maria McCabe

Maria McCabe takes hikers into her home in Salisbury CT. I’m staying the night. I’m showered done laundry and eaten a large cheeseburger deluxe. Short hike into town 6.9 miles but the hike out of the ravine and up Bear Mt was a steep rock climb. It’s always UP.
Did my good deed for the week, led a 74 yr old day hiker back to his car. He got off the trail for a bit and when he found it he started going the wrong way. The white blazes for the trail look the same for north and south.
Maria is 87 years old, has been taking in hikers for 18 years and is quite a hoot.





Sage Ravine Campsite CT

Yes, I’m in CT.
Had a strenuous climb 1500 ft of elevation to the top of Mt Everest. It was hot and I was sticky. Mt Race after Everest had over a half mile along a ridge with panoramic views. Was getting low on water and concerned but came to a large enough stream with a nice flow to filter water and lie down in to rinse off the stickies.
I saw 1 nobo hiker earlier today and nobody else until I stopped for the night. There are 3 couples here. One is husband and wife the other two are strange mixes. It sounds like one of the young ladies is running away from something. I think she should run from the man she’s with. But what do I know. There is a stream in this ravine that has many pools for dipping in. It’s nice to crawl into a sleeping bag and not stick to the sides.







I would like to see this ravine at its glory with a lot of water flowing down it.


Stealth camping in Sheffield tonight. Hiked 15 miles and there are no sanctioned camping sites, so we are in the woods not far out of town. Water is getting harder to find most of the streams are dry. I do carry more when I get it. The coyotes were howling tonight so I zipped up my sleeping and felt safer.






Mt Wilcox North Shelter

Late start with the rain. Legs are tired from the miles yesterday. The trail was empty today. I didn’t see another soul until I got to the shelter. Judy a section nobo hiker was there. Her first day and she was going thru the what am I doing here I could be home sleeping in a bed. She was glad someone showed up even if it was me. She didn’t have a very good guide book so I gave her the pages of mine that I had hiked. This was a 14 mile day and about all I could do.





Upper Goose Pond Shelter

Got a blueberry yogurt muffin at a coffee shop and I’m off early for me. 7:30 am. Walked till 7:30 pm got to the shelter with the aid of a headlamp. The first words from the caretaker were ” grab a plate we’re serving supper”. I had died and gone to heaven. Pasta, sauce, salad and a brownie. Took a skinny dip in the pond to get rid of the stickies and turned in. There are a dozen hikers here we have 3 inch vinyl covered mattress to sleep on. Up early for pancakes. Another dip and then packed up and it started to pour. Waited it out on the porch then off before 10:00 am. Did I mention that I hiked 21 miles to get here?






I haven’t figured out how to reply to comments with the phone. I may have to wait till I get to a computer probably when I’m home to reply. I do get your comments while out here on the trail.
Thank you hoba