It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.

The destination is home.
The journey started in West Lebanon NH with a shuttle bus ride to White River Junction at 8:30am. I have 2&1/2 hours till my train to Springfield MA. I met a 78 year old gentleman who told me his life story for an hour. He had quite a life. I met a retired lady from Cambridge MA who now owns a cafe under the old hotel. Her lettuce, bacon, chicken, Swiss and avocado wrap with a side of honey mustard sauce I ate on the train.

We are cruising right along and the next stop should be Springfield. Well we stopped but out my window was a bombed out rail yard I didn’t hear any announcement of a station. We backed up and stopped and then took off again. Shortly after the conductor stops at my seat and asks why there are two passengers and only one ticket for NY. The fellow next to me was going to NY. I said I’m going to Springfield. He says we were just there for twenty minutes. Not good. Next stop is Windsor Locks CT.
The conductor goes to see if the north bound Vermonter is running late and I can change in CT. It wasn’t. He tells me to meet him in the dining car in ten minutes. They stopped both trains side by side and I got off walked a little ways between them and got back on heading back to Springfield. I was told when the train stops to get off. I’m looking out the other side of the train and there is the new MGM casino and a new train station. I got off.
It’s now near 4:00pm. I go to the Peter Pan bus window and find the next bus to Framingham is at 7:30pm. Greyhound doesn’t has any more today. So I go back to Amtrak and buy a ticket for a 5:33pm train to Framingham. I’m on that train and Lil is picking me up at 7:30.

MY HIKE 2014


LYMG bunches and bunches.


Day 13, 2018

Thursday the 20th
Hiked 7.6 miles today the first part though the woods. The last third on roads though Norwich VT under interstate 91and over the Connecticut river into Hanover NH.
Had pizza for lunch before going to the library to use a computer to get an Amtrak ticket. I’m heading home







Day 12, 2018

Hiked 15.6 miles today trying to get to Hanover NH tomorrow afternoon. Went to the Cloudland Market to resupply mostly looking for a sandwich. It was Yuppiedom, expensive and had very little of anything. All of it is made in VT. I got a small bottle of organic raspberry and rhubarb soda for $2.00 a 4 oz block of cheddar for $5.50 and a small bag of beef jerky for $3.50.
Did take a rest stop on top of a hill with a nice view. I also went by what I think is the top of a VW van from the sixties.
I’m stealth camping by a stream that had a pool just right for a dip before turning in to rinse off the sweat.







Day 11, 2018

Tuesday the 18th
It started to rain hard at 2:30am and continued until about 8:00am. The trees and trail were wet but the sun did come out to a beautiful day.
Packed up a wet tent but I was dry. Yeah tent!
There is a lookout on a cabin, private property but hiker friendly. I hung out my tent on the porch to dry and sat in the sun on the lookout.
Stopped at the shelter where Cub, Smurf and Quiet Storm are spending the night (10 miles) cooked supper filled my water bottles and took off for 3 more miles. Trying to get to a resupply tomorrow by noon.
Stealth camping near civilization I hear road noise and cows.

The trail is made of many materials, dirt, mud, roots, rocks, grass and today I add aluminum.







Day 10, 2018

Monday the 17th
The truck traffic on route 4 was loud all night.
The breakfast was extremely great and plentiful. Hiked slow, very tired, stopped and took a nap at 1:00. 8.1 miles I’m at Stony Brook shelter had hoped to do 12 miles. Oh well. Cub and his wife Smurf from Mississippi and Quiet Storm are here.
Hiked by Thundering Falls which is wheelchair accessible from a nearby road and Kent Pond.






Day 9, 2018

It’s Sunday the 16th of September
The hike over Killington Mtn was a long climb and it was warm today. I felt so scuzzy and dirty and wet with sweat that I just kept walking. I wanted a shower and clean clothes and REAL FOOD!!
12.5 miles today I’m at the Inn of the Long Trail. I’m clean and very exhausted I could stay a second night. NO, I will hike tomorrow I want to get home. My body is talking to me it’s saying enough of this already.
Camera stopped working again today. I think when the battery gets low it acts up.



Day 8, 2018

Tired of typing on this little keyboard.
So. Pictures. Clarendon Gorge suspension bridge and Rutland VT airport. I have a 2000 foot climb up Killington first thing tomorrow. Will be at 3928 feet.